The Welcher's



Shane and I both went to good ole'…

Azle High School together. We were only two grades apart and knew of each other but never actually talked to one another. The summer after my senior year, a group of friends and our families planned a cruise. Well, my best friend Rachel, also Shane’s cousin, was one of those families on the trip. Shane was a few months shy of turning 21 at the time. Rachel and I were fresh out of high school. The first time Shane and I actually met was on that Carnival cruise ship in 2009. Shane made a bet with Rachel to see who could order an alcoholic drink first and not get ID’d. The bet was on!! A few minutes later Rachel and I were roaming the ship and found a completely full rum punch drink that someone must have purchased and didn’t like, so they just put it down. I, of course, grab it and say “Let’s go tell Shane we bought a drink”. I found him and gave it to him. He never actually knew the truth until a few years later. Thinking back, that was probably not a good idea whatsoever, but we’re getting married now so it worked out.

We would run into each other occasionally over the years after the cruise, but never really dated. Fast Forward to New Year’s Eve 2013, we were both out with friends Downtown, Fort Worth and ran into each other. The next day, we began texting daily. He took me on our first date 2 weeks later and the rest is history.

Shane finally proposed December 8, 2017 while we were on vacation visiting family in CO. Little did I know what was about to go down, but my whole family was in on it. One day of our trip we drove up through the mountains to see all the snowy mountains and scenery. Once we got to Loveland Pass, we got out to take some pictures, which was not unusual for us. We were constantly getting out and taking pictures of the beautiful snow filled mountains. The views were AMAZING. Well, we were at the top of Loveland pass and Shane wanted to take a picture. He kept guiding me over near the edge, but I kept trying to go back to the sign that said “Loveland Pass” because I thought it would make a good picture. Finally, I obliged to his picture location, because at this point we were absolutely freezing. I kept trying to put my arm around him for a picture, and he was being so weird trying to push away from me a bit. A few second later, I was smiling for a picture and he was down on one knee asking me to marry him! I instantly said YES with some happy tears to follow. My hands were so cold, but I was so happy and excited that I couldn’t put my gloves back on.

We are so excited and cannot wait for March 29th to get here so we can celebrate with all of our closest family and friends!!